Turkey Gratin

Turkey Gratin, with potato and parsnip mash

At last! I was hoping to make this earlier in the week as ground/minced turkey is on special offer. Then, I realised it wasn’t going to be available until Thursday – which turned out to be the next day by the time the supermarket stocked their shelves. Continue reading

Roasted Turkey Drumsticks

Roasted Turkey Drumsticks, with onion gravy, roast potatoes and bacon-wrapped parsnips

The title really doesn’t do this Roasted Turkey Drumsticks recipe justice. It’s by far the simplest dish I make, and always the most successful. I’ve cooked this for almost everyone I’ve known. Including people from the Basque country in Northern Spain who grew up with the most amazing food. Their mother, when I visited Vitoria-Gasteiz, proffered (almost every day) the most delicious lunches. So, when they decided to visit mine I really wasn’t sure what to cook. Then, I decided to cook this for them for the first time. Bit of a cheek really as this is loosely based on a recipe from Catalonia, where they would cook this with a local white wine – what a waste! Anyway, I’d cooked enough – I’d thought – for their sups and my (large) lunch the following day. You’re kidding me! They helped themselves to thirds! Continue reading

Turkey Pieces with Black Beans

Turkey Pieces with Black Beans, with caramelised onions and home-made gravy
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