All SOUPS are listed alphabetically and grouped within MEAT-BASED and VEGAN SUITABLE.

Asparagus, Chicken and Pea Soup with hard-boiled eggs and rice
Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans), Kale and Salmon Soup with egg and long grain rice
Lamb Soup with cannellini beans and root vegetables
Root Vegetable Soup with Poached Chicken with carrot, parsnip & potato mash and pan-fried swede
(Wild Pink) Salmon & Chickpea (Garbanzo Beans) Soup with a subtle hint of lime



(Pearl) Barley and Boiled Egg Soup with pan-fried discs of turnip and fresh parsley
Black Beans and Potato Soup with shredded Bavarian smoked ham
Broad Bean and Pea Soup with home-made wheaten bread and egg mayo
Broccoli Soup with bacon bits & cream
Brussels Sprouts and Leek Soup with fried potatoes and ricotta
Butter Bean and Cauliflower Soup with cubed pan-fried potatoes & poached egg
Butter Bean Soup with sage, smoked bacon bits & Grana Padano cheese
(Roasted) Butternut Squash & Ginger Soup
(Savoy) Cabbage and Potato Soup or similar to a Portuguese sopa verde
Carrot and Ginger Soup

Cauliflower Soup
Cauliflower and Swede/Rutabaga Soup with pan-fried potato discs
Celeriac/Celery Root and Pear Soup with bacon bits and smoked Cheddar cheese on toasted bread
Celery Soup with two versions
Cheese and Potato Soup with caramelised onions
Chestnut and Chickpea (Garbanzo Beans) Soup with mini baked potatoes and rosemary
Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) & Aubergine (Eggplant) Soup with herbs, potatoes, swede (rutabaga) stacks & Greek style yoghurt
Courgette/Zucchini Soup
Green Pepper/Capsicum Soup
Haricot Bean and Leek with pan-fried eddoes

Leek and Flageolet Bean Soup
Leek & Parsley Soup
Leek and Potato Soup or Vichyssoise served hot or cold
Leek, Lettuce and Marrowfat Pea Soup
(Red Split) Lentil Soup with lots of fresh ginger
Mushroom and Pearl Barley Soup 02 (quicker version) with borlotti beans, fresh thyme and sour cream
Mushroom Soup with a hint of nutmeg
(Pan-fried) Mushroom Soup with pearl barley
Parsley and Cheddar Cheese Soup with hard-boiled egg and rice
Parsnip Soup with allspice and cubed pan-fried swede (rutabaga/yellow turnip)

Parsnip Soup 02 with nutmeg and cubed pan-fried swede (rutabaga/yellow turnip) and sour cream
Pea & Bacon Soup
Pod Pea Soup with Little Gem lettuce
Pumpkin Soup with mashed parsnips & potatoes
(Fragrant) Puy Lentils Soup with potatoes, tomatoes & spices
Root Vegetable Soup with carrot, parsnip and potato mash
Spinach & Potato Soup two versions
Spring Greens and Aubergine (Eggplant) Soup with organic beans & new potatoes
Vegetable Soup with leeks, green and broad beans, potatoes and Savoy cabbage
Veg Soup with parsnip fritters, leeks and marrowfat peas

Vichyssoise or Leek and Potato Soup when served hot



Vichyssoise or Leek and Potato Soup, served hot or cold

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