Oven Roasted Sausages

Invariably, when I used to pan-fry sausages, I would end up with two sides nicely golden, the back curve sort of cooked and the inner curve would never seem to be crisp. So, I threw a pack of sausages into the oven to see if they would turn out any better. And they did. At last I was getting them evenly golden all over, with a crisp outer and nicely moist in their centres. As they roast the fat permeates the meat, keeping it nice and flavoursome and moist at the same time. From a health conscious point of view these Roasted Sausages are left with far less fat as it slowly oozes out into the oven suitable roaster. Word of warning though: if the sausages are less than 90% meat they can ooze out a lot of fat. To the extent a roaster of about 5 – 6cm (1½ – 2 inches) in depth is needed just in case of overspill. And don’t overcrowd the roaster, either. I only ever roast 6 – 8 at a time. Although the roaster I’m using, about 18.5 x 28cm internal dimensions (7½ x 11 inches), would be big enough for 10. As for the fig salad: 4 leaves that included red and ruby red chard, rocket (arugula) and spinach. With a peeled and roughly chopped fig, pitted black olives sliced, salted pistachios and a light dressing of evo oil and white wine vinegar. The dressing was too plain. I’d like freshly squeezed orange juice, a pinch of orange zest, a drizzle of honey and mustard seeds – none of which I had to hand. Over the weekend, maybe. And yes, there’s an Italian plum in the lead-in photo and the one below as I’d ran out of figs. Also, yesterday I had one of the sausages, split in half and reheated in a little oil (even better with a knob of butter added, too) with melted Brie on ciabatta. Perhaps not the most interesting open sandwich, but it tasted great. To end, I’ve just decided to take a photo of the roaster I used to show just how much fat there was. Even though the sausages I’d bought were 90% pork there was a good dessertspoonful of fat. Better off in my bin/trash than in my system! That photo I’ll take tomorrow – yes, I still haven’t bothered to wash it. Get over it! 🙂

Oven Roasted Sausages, with a fig salad


  • rapeseed or olive oil
  • 1 x 400g (14.10 oz) pack of 6 traditional British pork sausages

Measurements within brackets above are approximate only.


  • Preheat oven to 200°C, 400°F or gas 6
  • Add a little oil to a suitable ovenproof roaster, about 18.5 x 28cm internal dimensions (7½ x 11 inches). As the sausages are placed inside roll them to get them evenly coated in a little oil. When oven is hot enough place on the second shelf up if using electric. Or, second shelf down if using gas (you know your oven better than I do). Baste ever 15 minutes, turning them over as you do so. With gas mine used to take 50 minutes to get them evenly golden. With electric it’s taking about 20 minutes more. Times will vary according to the type of oven used.
  • If they need to be reheated the following day it’s possible to split them in half and pan-fry in a little oil and a knob of butter.


Even though I roasted 90% pork sausages there was still quite a lot of fat left in the roaster after cooking them.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love to cook my sausages in the oven too, no need to use oil, easier to clean up and I get crispy skin all the time! 😉


  2. Ahem, as an expert of sausage cooking (thanks to my Greek roots, thank you very much), I have to say that sausages are always better grilled! 🙂 I love the salad idea! (and the photos)


    • I agree with grilling. Here I don’t have that choice. Especially as my only grill is inside my oven. Daren’t use it for grilling meats as the fat will spit on the heating element, to the extent the next time I use my oven to roast anything there will be cloud of smoke so dense that it’ll set off my fire alarm – you don’t want to hear that wailing! This is the closest I can get to the real thing!


      • I also grill in my oven! I just place the oven tray below the metal wire with some aluminum foil to collect fats etc. It works fine. 🙂


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