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Chicken Roasted with Lemon and Garlic

This particular roast,¬†Chicken Roasted with Lemon and Garlic, (one of the easiest to do) I’ve been meaning to cook again for a while. But the chicken roasted with yoghurt and lime took precedence for several weekends now. And I have to admit a preference for it. Regardless of how good this is.

Cannellini Beans and Romaine Lettuce Stew

With lots of lettuce in my cupboard what better way to use it up than to cook with it, as it’s perfect for simple stews like this Cannellini Beans and Romaine Lettuce Stew¬†and for adding to stocks for gravies and sauces. Lettuce for some is a mere crunch on the plate, so to speak. Not … Continue reading

Pork and Figs

If you thought I’d become lazy about taking photos you would be absolutely right. For a change I really wanted to tuck into this lunch whilst it was still hot. Instead of faffing around with heating, reheating and taking photos until I’m red in the face and the air has been well tainted with expletives.

Cannellini Bean Stew with Kale

As I’ve been having quite a blast recently with baking I’m back to what I feel I do best; gravies, sauces and stews. Even though it’s summer. At night I seem to stuff my face with mostly salad stuff. During the day is a different matter as it’s cold first thing.

Boneless Pork Shoulder Steaks 03

Boneless Pork Shoulder Steaks, with lemon and sage gravy: So, that was nonchalantly chucked in a salad I was having for sups, only to bite into a stem of rocket (arugula) with a chunk of cooked peach – seriously, who knew they were so good together? Continue reading