Three Awards

It’s like they say here in the UK – You wait forever for a bus only for three of them to turn up! Okay, so maybe I should be tsk, tsk-ing myself for not having passed on these awards before now, which is the most important aspect of accepting them. Excuses will be spared, excepting to say that I went slightly over the top with the first award I accepted (which put me off from doing more). A tad naïve back then, me thinks. Continue reading

Blog of the Year 2012 Award 04 and Happy Hogmanay!

What a lovely way to end the year. Fae, of Fae’s Twist & Tango has very generously awarded me for the second time. Wow! And a huge thank you, Fae! This time around I was going to start describing the blogs that have nominated mine (which I will do in future). However, there is a reason for not doing so here as – Fae, you absolute charmer – I’m right back at you! I’m going to relish nominating more for this award. Continue reading