Potato and Poppy Seed Dry Curry

Potato and Poppy Seed Dry Curry - Pyaz-Aloo Posto

Potato and Poppy Seed Dry Curry – Pyaz-Aloo Posto

Cold, bright and sunny. With today almost as cold as Winter was. After such a wretched, miserable season that’s since past this Spring has started well. But here by the coast means one thing: don’t go far without several layers. And for me that means something else – spices. Continue reading

Spiced Swede and Potato Cakes

Spiced Swede and Potato Cakes

Spiced Swede/Rutabaga and Potato Cakes

These were oh so surprisingly delicious with veggie sausages and salad dressed in my home-made mayonnaise using a poached organic egg yolk and lots of Dijon. Why the flavours worked so well on the plate together I couldn’t care less about. Continue reading

Eggs and Cauliflower

Eggs and Cauliflower Omelette

Eggs and Cauliflower

This is neither nor. Neither an omelette, certainly not a tortilla and not exactly a frittata either. Although it’s closer to the latter than the others. This happens to be fully cooked in the oven like Tunisian baked eggs. Which a frittata can be as well. Continue reading